New Jersey County Becomes Site of "Bigfoot" Search

It's big, it's hairy and people in New Jersey claim to have seen it. Now, a television series has joined the hunt for the infamous Bigfoot, also known as Sasaquatch.

The Animal Planet network's "Finding Bigfoot" crew came to Sussex County last week to search the rural area for the legendary -- some would say mythical -- creature who has eluded capture despite numerous purported sightings.

The crew held a town hall-style meeting to hear about local sightings before taking to the field. The Daily Record of Parsippany reports that more than a dozen people shared stories.

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Bizarre Sea Creature Caught on Oil Rig Camera

A strange creature  spotted on footage from an underwater oil rig camera in the Gulf of Mexico may be a huge jellyfish.

According to the news blog Zeibiz, scientists think the “large blob” swimming slowly toward the camera is the rarely seen jellyfish known as depstaria reticulum. That’s based on the hexagonal pattern on its skin.

These bizarre jellyfish can be up to 60 centimeters (about 2 feet) wide and are more apt to be found near the Antarctic than in the Gulf of Mexico.

An international team led by the University of Southampton in England has created the first global jellyfish database to map jellyfish populations in the oceans. The project is known as JeDI, for Jellyfish Database Initiative.

Bigfoot Unveiling in New York City

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, the world's most terrifying creature -- Bigfoot -- has arrived in New York City...sort of.

With little fanfare the Tiny Top Circus, "the greatest and the smallest traveling show on Earth," presented a "real Bigfoot" in Manhattan's Washington Square Park last week.

The long-anticipated moment happened at high noon, with the presentation of, for the first time ever: Bigfoot, a VERY big foot.

Check it out...try not to cringe too much.

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